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The Project

BORDER TRIP(tych) / TRIP(tico) de la frontera – The project aimed at generating a ritual/visual narrative focused on an immigrant’s journey as she leaves her home in Latin America and arrives in the US looking for a chance to make positive changes in her life.


Our process involved the separate development of the three parts of the triptych based on the migration journey: parting, crossing, and integrating –or not, into a new cultural context. The goal all along is to render elements of an immigrant’s reality and consciousness through a poetic lens.

With wonderful support and funding from a Creative Capital grant, we developed and performed part one and part two of this trilogy, “Buried in the Body of Remembrance / Enterrada en el cuerpo del recuerdo” and “A Body Parted: Shrapnel of Present Time / Esquirlas de tiempo presente” (in collaboration with V.Cartagena and A.Trimis,) and performed it in different venues in Latin America and the US.

BORDER TRIP(tych) / TRIP(tico) de la frontera

About us
We are Secos y Mojados, a San Francisco based collective focusing our work on immigrant narratives and the exploration of interdisciplinary performance. Our name evokes the effect that clandestine border crossings, through deserts, rivers and sea, have on the body of the migrant.